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Levi’s Bar Mitzvah

Levi (USA) celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at a 15th century, uniquely designed synagogue in Northern Israel. Guests […]

The secrets behind Jewish wedding traditions and rituals

Whether you are planning a Jewish wedding ceremony, or about to attend a Jewish wedding, here is a brief guide of the rituals you might see or want to include in your ceremony. Some of these may be familiar rituals that you have seen before, and now you will also know the meaning and beauty behind them. The Jewish marriage ceremony brings together the legal and spiritual, the happy and holy, the modern and ancient wisdoms, as the two souls merge in to one complete soul.

Colour Palettes

Unique colour palettes are the perfect way to add a twist to your event design and atmosphere.

A Calla Blanche Bride for a Jewish Wedding

Smashing the Glass Blog

The DreamCatcher Way

...here is a video exhibition of my art. It took me a while to find a way to tell my story, my many couple’s stories, our journey together, the emotion, the hard work, even the small and important details. All in one short(ish) video.

What no one tells you at the beginning | Hidden fees

When thinking about planning a destination wedding or event in Israel, there are a few very important factors to research before signing a contract with any venue or vendor. The most popular of issues most couples/families get very frustrated about is the ongoing additional costs that keep popping up along the way

Sophie & Elliott

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Karen & Eli

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Charlie’s Bar Mitzvah

Charlie (USA) celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in Old Jaffa.  He did his special Torah reading at an 18th century architectural […]

First recommended destination wedding planner in Israel!

Judaica in the Spotlight Blog

Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah

Ryan and his family (South Africa/USA) celebrated his Bar Mitzvah over three stunning days at the Dead Sea and Masada.  The guests arrived to the 5-star hotel a day earlier […]

Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah

Jacob (UK) had his Bar Mitzvah Torah reading at the Huldah Stairs located on the Southern side of the Western […]

Sarah’s 50th Birthday

A stunning 50th birthday party celebration

And we did it again! ‘An Elia Vatine Bride for a Super Spiritual Destination Jewish Wedding’

Smashing the Glass Blog