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  • Wedding & Party Themes

    Wedding & Party Themes

    These themes will bring the perfect twist for a unique atmosphere!

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  • What no one tells you at the beginning | Hidden fees

    What no one tells you at the beginning | Hidden fees

    When thinking about planning a destination wedding or event in Israel, there are a few very important factors to research before signing a contract with any venue or vendor. The most popular of issues most couples/families get very frustrated about is the ongoing additional costs that keep popping up along the way

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  • A Brilliant Back

    A Brilliant Back

    Its all about the back!

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  • Colour Palettes

    Colour Palettes

    Unique colour palettes are the perfect way to add a twist to your event design and atmosphere.

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  • The secrets behind Jewish wedding traditions and rituals

    The secrets behind Jewish wedding traditions and rituals

    Whether you are planning a Jewish wedding ceremony, or about to attend a Jewish wedding, here is a brief guide of the rituals you might see or want to include in your ceremony. Some of these may be familiar rituals that you have seen before, and now you will also know the meaning and beauty behind them. The Jewish marriage ceremony brings together the legal and spiritual, the happy and holy, the modern and ancient wisdoms, as the two souls merge in to one complete soul.

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  • The DreamCatcher Way

    The DreamCatcher Way is a video exhibition of my art. It took me a while to find a way to tell my story, my many couple’s stories, our journey together, the emotion, the hard work, even the small and important details. All in one short(ish) video.

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  • Rocking Bridemaids

    Rocking Bridemaids

    Find the perfect dresses to match your wedding theme!

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  • Secret Beach Venue’s

    Secret Beach Venue’s

    A day in the life of: A soon to be beautiful Brazilian bride and handsome Dutch groom, looking for the perfect unique beach venue for their upcoming destination wedding in Israel! Something totally different from the classic beach venue options. Unique is our trademark – Mission accomplished!

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  • Exotic venues for the perfect beach wedding in Israel

    Exotic venues for the perfect beach wedding in Israel

    In my years of wedding planning, I noticed that beach venues are indeed a favorite choice when deciding upon the perfect location for a wedding. A destination wedding in Israel is a dream in itself, but feeling and seeing this country’s beauty as you stand in prayer under the chuppah, mingling with a glass of champagne in your hand, or dancing the night away, makes peoples hearts burst from emotion and pure joy.

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  • Guides & Tips for your Wedding/Event in Israel

    Guides & Tips for your Wedding/Event in Israel

    Choosing to have a destination wedding or event, means lots of research. Here are some key reminders and advice.

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  • Winter Weddings in Israel

    Winter Weddings in Israel

    If your considering a winter wedding or event, here is what you need to remember...

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  • Enchanting Chuppah’s

    Enchanting Chuppah’s

    Those long months of planning, years of longing, and all for that special moment. The chuppah ceremony! Let you dreams start here...

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  • Why Hire A Planner?

    Why Hire A Planner?

    Do you really need one? Will it be worth the money? Maybe you should at least try and do it by yourself? ...Here's some things you didn't know!

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  • Follow Us Behind The Scenes

    Follow Us Behind The Scenes

    See us in action, behind the scenes! This is how we roll....

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  • Did Someone Say Cake?

    Did Someone Say Cake?

    Unique wedding cake ideas.

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