Summer weddings certainly have their appeal of long days, sunshine, cold cocktails, beach, one layer of clothing and sandals.

Winter weddings/events too, have their special magic that cannot be compared to and are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are some pros and cons that should be considered when decision making.


  • When it comes to booking venues and vendors, there is far more availability
  • Your venue will give you extra attention and set up time
  • You will be able to negotiate far better deals or packages
  • Of course winter time prices are far cheaper than summer
  • You will not need to change your guests summer vacation plans
  • No tan lines
  • Go for something unique and different
  • Winter themes are as fruitful as summer themes
  • In Israel, you too can be lucky with the weather as there are few stormy weeks even during winter.



  • Flowers are harder to get ahold of, and can be more expensive than summer
  • The weather is probably the biggest factor to consider as there are no promises
  • Roads may be affected if there is extreme weather on the day of the event
  • You may need to wait until the summer for your honeymoon
  • Keeping guests warm may be a challenge in certain venues
  • Most pictures will be inside shots with limited outdoor pictures
  • The sun sets earlier, the days are pretty short and a lot will need to be completed in a shorter space of time (i.e. pictures, ceremony etc.)


  • Though an outdoor ceremony is very possible during winter in Israel, choose a venue that has a back up space for an indoor ceremony, and a place where guests can run indoors quickly. Also a venue that can keep the guests indoors and don’t need to walk through the cold going from room to room
  • Arrange a group booking at a hotel very close by in case of bad weather
  • If the weather is bad, check on the traffic conditions and update your guests
  • An earlier wedding will enable enjoyment of the daylight, sunset, and hopefully some outdoor pictures
  • Early sunset means the utter enjoyment of endless candles
  • Consider a venue with a fireplace
  • Be prepared for a bad weather day and have a back up outfit. Think furs and shawls. Think tights.
  • As well as especially unique party themes, think of a different winter menu to surprise the guests. Think hot chocolate to greet guests
  • Coat helpers should be the first to greet the guests and keep them safe
  • Keep your lips moisturized the whole week running up to the event
  • Have a great stand-by umbrella


Happy Planning!

Written by Natalie – The head dreamer & schemer

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