What inspired you to go into Event Management?

It all began when I started working in music productions.  I found myself at the right place at the right time (classic Israel) and was asked by a friend to help manage the ‘day-of’ her sister’s wedding.  That night, I knew I had finally found my passion intertwining a career.  I knew that this was it!  With my high set of management/organization skills, my passion for people and details, not to mention a pure romanticist and believer in soul love – it ticked all my boxes.  Within a month I officially opened my baby ‘Dreamcatcher’ in the ministry offices.  I knew ahead of time that as cheesy the name may sound, this is what I’d really be doing – creating and catching peoples dreams, and bringing them to life.

What is your favourite part about planning events?

I feel like an artist in each event I plan.  Co-creating the exact shading and colours to match each unique piece.   Apart from loving the tiny details to make each event personal and special, my absolute favourite part is when I see my client’s faces in awe of what it feels like to live in their own dream.  Their hearts bursting in ecstasy.  It is a priceless moment.


 What are your plans for the future?

2021 Is going to be a big year for us, having closed one of our most exclusive weddings yet!  Couples and families are loving our work and personality, making the planning journey as sweet as the day itself, and this is what its all about.  Creating more and more happy moments that will live on forever.  We still plan to remain a boutique company, taking a limited number of events per year, as one of our main objectives is the high level of personal care each event gets.

Taken from:

Judaica in the Spotlight Blog

Article published in 2020

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