friedman bar mitzvah testimonial

“I didn’t really appreciate the name of Natalie’s business, the “Dreamcatcher,”  until after my son’s bar mitzvah was over. I had a lot going on in the months before the bar mitzvah was scheduled to happen in Israel. Suddenly, with only weeks to go, it occurred to me how much there was to do and to think about– (did we need umbrellas for shade? food for our guests’ breakfast? a table for the Torah to be on?). In a panic I reached out to everyone I knew in Israel in search of a party planner.


I got hooked up with Natalie, and from our first conversation via Skype I felt a huge relief. I knew that I was in professional hands. But I wasn’t thinking about my “dreams” for the weekend, only about the logistics of taking care of guests who would all be gathering for a shabbat together, many of whom made a special trip to Israel to celebrate with us. But once the weekend was happening, and once it was over, I was really blown away by what Natalie had pulled off. She understood what my dream for the event was even before I had actually articulated it to myself. The experience was really magical and transformative not only for my son, but also for all of our guests too. She took care of everything, down to the smallest detail, and created a memory that will not soon fade.”