What does this mean for planner who have already booked an event in Israel for the upcoming months or frequently hold events in Israel? One of the first moves should be reaching out to attendees.

Natalie Abraham, an event planner in Israel, told Smart Meetings, “The current headline is a very big deal, so I would definitely reach out to attendees if you’re planning an event in Jerusalem in the coming days, only to make sure they are up to date with the news. This is part of our responsibility.”

On potentially relocating the event, Abraham advises, “I personally wouldn’t relocate my event in Jerusalem; I would just add security to my vendor’s team, from the buses to the venues. I would avoid touring in Jerusalem, but only for the coming weeks. It’s still a little early to understand the reality of what will happen next and only time will tell how long any expected violence will last.”

During this time of uncertainty the best thing to do is stay updated. Here are essential resources to make that easy.

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Article published in 2017

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