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Considered as one of the most significant places on earth for the Jewish people since biblical times – Israel – This land that carries momentous meaning, where East meets West, where the sun shines nine months of the year. Israel – where weddings & events are a fun, exotic and spiritual experience at the same time.  Where people from all over the world come to enjoy a unique celebration, reunite with friends & family and enjoy a relaxing vacation.  Yes that’s right, relaxing. Even when you come to celebrate your own special occasion, there is no need for stress or worry.  Simply hire a planner, or better yet, a dreamcatcher, who you can trust has it all under control.  As far as you’re concerned, you can take a walk on the white sanded beach and watch the sun splash its beautiful colors across the sky.  At Dreamcatcher Events, we take the time to step into your mind to observe that scene you have dreamed about for so long, and bring that dream to reality.  Our striking ideas will have you reliving your celebration time and time again.

Natalie Who?

Natalie Abraham – Made Aliyah from the UK in 2005. Her British background gave her a precise understanding of what was needed in the events industry; Someone who can provide a bridge between the values and expectations of the Anglo personality, with the local customs and mentality.She has been in the events industry in Israel for over 6 years and has a history of event planning in the UK. Her trademark is in the fine detail that makes every event an unforgettable experience. She has gathered an exceptional team of suppliers, who take extra care with the small yet crucial details. And this, makes all the difference.

Why Us?

  • We love our job!
  • We are dedicated to your event’s success
  • We will not stop until each detail is as perfect as you dreamt it
  • We give you peace of mind! You can trust in us
  • We will help you create your vision within your budget.
  • With us you will receive personal and attentive service throughout the stages
  • We know some special faces and places that many do not know about
  • We really care about you!
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My Work Process

First are foremost, we would begin this journey with a meeting or two, face-to-face, by Skype or phone.  I will listen to all your dreams, plans and concerns, and in-turn will tell you exactly how I can help you, alongside some free tips and a lot of useful information.  Once we feel the ‘click’ between us, you sign on the dotted line, and then – we begin.
In the world of anything is possible what would you do?   At this stage we would build a portfolio for the event of your dreams.  Ideas, pictures, magazine cutouts, blogs and anything else that you love!  We will filter through it together and build some kind of theme that will intertwine these dreams with your budget.
The number one thing to do next is to find and book the perfect venue.  There are many points to be aware of before signing the contract and I will guide you through it step-by-step.  Once this is done, the Save the Date’s are sent and we will begin searching for the most important vendors on our list, and slowly make our way to the smaller vendors, smaller details, wedding schedules and responsibilities.  At this point, all my lists, useful guides, forms, reminders, and excel files get passed on to you to keep everything as organised as possible from the beginning to the end.  I will also send you weekly emails with updated summaries and whats next on our list.
Once we begin the countdown, we plan out a timeframe of how we can get all the smallest of details completed so you are free of all responsibilities and can take some time to relax before the big day comes.  Take a walk on the beach, have a cocktail with friends at sunset, get a therapeutic massage, and enjoy delicious cuisines with a clear mind, knowing that everything has been taken care of, and now, you can finally start to enjoy the fruits of everything we have built together throughout these months of planning.  You can let your hair down, because I have it all under control.  All that’s left for you to do, is have the best experience of your life! Mazal Tov!
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  • Best Wedding Planner Israel
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