Hadley (UK) celebrated a three-day Bar Mitzvah carnaval in the stunning Dead Sea region.  It all started with a sunset outdoor welcome cocktail at a luxurious spa hotel overlooking the breathtaking Dead Sea.  Guests enjoyed the perfect Autumn breeze, the sounds of 5 man walkaround acoustic band, a glitter artist, fabulous food, and great table games for all ages; all whilst a very talented mentalist strolled through the guests wowing them with unexplanable tricks.  After a good night sleep and one of the best breakfasts in the country, we met up the cable cars, on the top of Masada for a heart-warming ceremony led by theatrical rabbis. Then a bus ride away to a Bedouin experience village.  Here, guests enjoyed camel riding, a bedouin market, an archery range, a fun belly dance class, and a drum circle.  An authentic ethnic feast was devoured for lunch, whilst listening to the sounds of an ethnic themed band – who later got them all up on their feet for a dance.  An eventful day indeed.  And just before it all ended, the following morning they all went for a dip in the sea, buckets of mud ordered especially for the group – who threw it on one another, laughed and floated throughout the morning, until their bellies rumbled and a private outdoor brunch awaited them at the hotel.  Halleluya!
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