Karen & Eli (Mexico/USA) celebrated their love in the sacred city of Jerusalem.  Their stunning chuppah had a panoramic view of Jerusalem, with the Old City at its center.  The interior glass-walled hall allowed the Jerusalem vibe to be felt throughout the evening.  And the decor – oh the decor…. we created a fairytale atmosphere with white orchids sprouting from the tables and hanging from above within the light fixtures that we installed.  Gold underplates, gold cutlery, gold-foiled menus, crystal wine glasses – every single item in the room was carefully thought about and selected.  For entertainment, we had superstars Eden Ben Zaken, Koby Peretz and Alon de Loco keeping the guests on their feet, alongside a Mariachi Mexican band to please our special guests who travelled so far to be with us.  When our Brazilian dancers came out for a dance, our groom got a wild surprise when his bride came to join them in their routine, dressed in a fabulous glamorous costume.  These plentiful pictures can try to describe the magic that was…

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