We have a large selection of excellent vendors who provide high quality services at various price ranges and are able to provide my clients with discounted packages as well as package upgrades.  Selecting the perfect vendor to match your event is crucial and so if we feel that you need something else, we will not stop searching until we make the perfect match.
The most important part of attempting to plan any event successfully, is keeping highly organised at all times.  We take this very seriously and have built systems to keep professionally organised throughout the stages.  In this we also take our first step in to preventing most problems before they have even happened.  There are of course unpredictable situations and details that may come up during the event itself, at which point we have a team of professionals on-site to assist in dealing with any issue quickly and quietly.
In general, planners that come with the venue usually deal with venue related things and sometimes can recommend vendors for additional services.  They will not however manage the services of those vendors and only act as a referral service.  They will also not work to sync the timings of each of the vendors together.  For example they will not notice if your photographer is ready to capture your first dance.  You will still need to come up with new and original ideas for the event yourself, prepare the big day schedule, create your own checklists, allocate responsibilities to family members,  look after your guests wellbeing during their stay in Israel, organise any tours or cocktails evening, and much much much more…  As well as this, as venue managers, they are involved in weddings and other events every single night, sometimes even twice in one day.  They service you receive is far less personal and attentive.  Our attention to detail is guaranteed to be much higher than any venue manager.  For me, details such as an ironed tablecloth and a perfectly arranged table setting are small yet crucial details that always need a good fight onsite to get it done in the right way.
Parents of the bride and groom love to be involved in the wedding planning.  Children also love to be involved in their Bnei Mitzvah celebrations.  And we – love having the whole family on board!  As well as their involvement, we can also help manage your close family and relatives whether with information or assistance with their arrival to Israel.