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We will join heads until we see your vision, your dream, and in-turn, we will create it and bring it to life. We love new, we love unique and we don’t stop until each detail sits perfectly just as in your dreams.

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Israel is definitely the place to be to celebrate this momentous moment in your child’s life. There is no other place that entirely blends ones heritage, traditions and endless possibilities for a fun packed trip.

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Israel! Where East meets West; where the sun shines nine months of the year; where weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are a fun, exotic and spiritual experience at the same time.

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  • Sharon & Lenny, South Africa/Israel | Bride & Groom

    Sharon & Lenny, South Africa/Israel | Bride & Groom

    Thank you Natalie, the perfect dream maker for the most magical wedding. It was a pleasure from beginning to end, your wonderful sweet personality was a gift from heaven, your attention to detail and your willingness to be hands on, a bride's gift for the most awesome wedding planner.


  • Liz & Barry Cohen, London | Parents of the Groom

    Liz & Barry Cohen, London | Parents of the Groom

    Elizabeth and I want to thank you so much for your AMAZING work at our son’s recent wedding at The David InterContinental Tel Aviv. You worked tirelessly on this for over a year to ensure that on the Big Day everything went to plan. It certainly did – because you Natalie have an incredible eye for detail – accompanied with vision and creativity – which covered every contingency possible.

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  • Richard Flaks, South Africa/USA | Father of Bar Mitzvah Boy Ryan

    Richard Flaks, South Africa/USA | Father of Bar Mitzvah Boy Ryan

    Click here to watch Richard's warming video testimonial!


  • Orit Weiss, Sydney | Mother of Bar Mitzvah Boy Erez

    Orit Weiss, Sydney | Mother of Bar Mitzvah Boy Erez

    We are a family from Australia who TRIED to do it all on our own. I found Natalie on the internet and took a crazy gamble - something about her website caught my eye so I sent her an email. I instantly fell in love with her attitude. She immediately replied, and rather than asking me how much I could spend, asked me who was in my family, to send her photos of the Barmi boy, and shared her warmth IMMEDIATELY. I never had to wait more than the hours it took her to wake up from her sleep. The woman hardly ever stops. I wasn’t sure if initially it would be worth the money, but it was worth it and more. The day went without a single hitch, and Natalie’s ideas made it that much more special in the end.


  • Dana Shanholtzer, Illinois | Bride

    Dana Shanholtzer, Illinois | Bride

    We found Natalie online and set up a conference call, which took place right away. Immediately we knew she would be a pleasure to work with and we could also tell she was more than capable of making the day every bit as special as we were hoping! From then on the planning process was fun and Natalie took away our worries and made it very enjoyable! With a short time frame to get everything accomplished, she arranged for every detail but kept us involved in the process to ensure things were proceeding the way we wanted. As a result our wedding day was better than we could have imagined!


  • Chani Bruck, New York | Bride

    Chani Bruck, New York | Bride

    When Yitzie and I decided we will be having our wedding in Israel I really didn’t know where to start, venues would not even call me back and it was pretty much impossible to get a hold of anyone, I am assuming the time difference was making it hard. I was extremely stressed as we were only 3 months away from the wedding and we still had nothing, until one day my dad called me and said he had found the solution to all our problems. her name was Natalie.

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  • Michelle & Andrew Gurland, LA | Parents of Bat Mitzvah Girl, Leila

    Michelle & Andrew Gurland, LA | Parents of Bat Mitzvah Girl, Leila

    What can I say about Natalie other than she is the best party planner ever! I spoke to three different event planners and Natalie was the ONLY one that would and could work within my budget. Not only did she immediately say that it was possible to plan a Bat Mitzvah in Israel from California within a budget, she never made me think that what we wanted was EVER out of reach. She made the perfect suggestions.

    Click here to watch a video testimonial too!


  • Rachel Friedman, New York | Mother of Bar Mitzvah Boy Isaac

    Rachel Friedman, New York | Mother of Bar Mitzvah Boy Isaac

    “I didn’t really appreciate the name of Natalie’s business, the “Dreamcatcher,” until after my son’s bar mitzvah was over. I got hooked up with Natalie, and from our first conversation via Skype I felt a huge relief. I knew that I was in professional hands. But I wasn’t thinking about my “dreams” for the weekend, only about the logistics of taking care of guests who would all be gathering for a shabbat together. But once the weekend was happening, and once it was over, I was really blown away by what Natalie had pulled off. She understood what my dream for the event was even before I had actually articulated it to myself.


  • Erin Kammerer, USA | Bride

    Erin Kammerer, USA | Bride

    Having Natalie as our wedding planner was a confirmation that there are angels on Earth. She became our friend, our guide and our muse through the planning process. She made our wedding day so perfect, that in the end I wanted to marry her!!! With all the small details she gave us to stay on budget and herideas that inspired us to express who we are as a couple to our friends and family, we are eternally grateful.

    If I think about what it would have been like without Natalie, well…I can’t even think about that. It is so worth it to have her on your wedding day, so you can fully experience the LOVE that is pouring onto you from your friends and family.


  • Osnat & Tim, Israel/Germany | Bride & Groom

    Osnat & Tim, Israel/Germany | Bride & Groom

    “Thank you so much Natalie for everything you have done for us, You literally made our dream come true and much more!! Trying to plan an event in Israel while living in Guatemala, having family over from Germany…. we could have never done it without you!


DreamCatcher Weddings & Events | By Natalie Abraham

We are here to help you plan your dream wedding, bar-mitzvah, bat mitzvah, birthday, corporate event and more.  At DreamCatcher Events we take the time to step into your mind to observe that scene you have dreamed about for so long, and bring that dream to reality.

Our striking ideas will have you reliving your celebration time and time again.  Natalie has been in the event industry since making Aaliyah in 2005 and is considered one of the best wedding/event planners in Israel.

Her British background gave her a precise understanding of what was needed in the events industry; Someone who can provide a bridge between the values and expectations of the Anglo personality, with the local customs and mentality.  Her trademark is in the fine detail that makes every event a UNIQUE and unforgettable experience.